Cult tv seires

Cult is a mystical detective thriller the plot of which revolves around a television show, which becomes the cause of the mysterious disappearances of people.
Jeff Sefton works as a journalist and once there comes his younger brother, who is definitely scared and asks for help. He tries to explain the reason for the fears plaguing him, but knowing that Nate not so long ago has had fairly serious problems with the drug addiction, Jeff begins to think that he began to take drugs again. However, Nate swears that he no more uses illicit drugs and states that the cause of all that is happening is a kind of a TV show called “”The Cult””. He tells his brother that he had learned a terrible secret and now someone wants to kill him. After listening the story of Nate, Jeff pays not so much attention to it. Shortly after this conversation there is a strange call. Nate shouts something into the phone and the connection is suddenly interrupted after a few seconds. Jeff immediately goes home to his brother and finds a bloody chair. The incident lets him understand that the words of Nate were not the freaky nonsense and then he decides to do their own investigation about the mysterious disappearance of his brother.

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